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Salad Platters

Suitable for 10-12 people

Thai Chickpea Salad

With crunchy peanut dressing
R  240

Crunchy Thai Quinoa Salad

With ginger peanut dressing
R  240

Strawberry Avo and Broccoli Salad

With creamy poppy dressing
R  240

Creamy Coronation Pasta Salad

With toasted almonds
R  240

Traditional Potato Salad

With gherkins, eggs, onion and parsley
R  240

Tabbouleh Salad

With bulgar wheat and lemon
R  240

Broccoli, Bacon and Grape Salad

With a creamy dressing
R  240

New Potato Salad

With creamy dressing of bacon and spring onion
R  240

Caprese Salad

Tomato’s, mozzarella, basil and rocket with balsamic reduction and olive oil
R  240

Snack Platters

Suitable for 10-12 people.

These are just a few options below to mix and match for your function or ask for a suggested menu for your specialised function. I have lots of fancy goodies to suggest for your special occasion.

Sandwich Platter

The usual suspects
R  250

Gourmet Roll Platter

Woolies rolls with some interesting and tasty fillings
R  300

Mini Taco Platter

Mini soft tacos with a cajun chicken, avo and sour cream filling
R  390

Mini Chicken Bunny Platter

Beef R320, lamb R350
R  300

Meaty Snack Platter

Sticky buffalo wings, southern fried chicken tenders, samoosas, sausage rolls greek meatballs, rump and pesto bites
R  380

Vegetarian Snack Platter

R  350

Crudité Platter

Selection of seasonal veggies, with homemade breadsticks and two delicious dips
R  300

South African Cheese Platter

Selection of Good South African cheese, biscuits, fruits, nuts, dry wors and biltong
R  400

Cold Meats, Cheeses and Pate Platter

Selection of good cold meats, pates and cheese with all gherkins, olives, roasted peppers and biscuits.
R  400

Vegetarian Meze Platter

Humus and brinjal dip with dolmades, roasted peppers, marinated olives and feta, toasted pita and a range of other delicious seasonal goodies.
R  380

Canape Platter

Selection of savoury crumpets, salmon and dill and garlic mushroom and beetroot
R  350

Breakfast Platter

Muesli and yoghurt tartlets, minted fruit kebabs, egg and bacon tarts, bacon wrapped chipolata stuffed croissants
R  380

Breakfast Pastries

Mini plain and chocolate croissants, muffins, apple danishes, sausage and egg puffs, butter, jam and cheese
R  380

Minted Fruit Kebabs Platter

R  280

Sweet Platters

Pavlova Platter

Fruits, cream, chocolate, coulis with mini pavlovas to fill as you please
R  400


With a berry and fruit selection with a vanilla cream
R  400

Portuguese Tarts and Blondies

White chocolate brownies
R  400

Banana Bread, Lemon Loaf and Carrot and Pineapple Loaf

R  350

Mini Tarts Platter, Peppermint Crisp, Milk Tart, Pecan Pie Tartlets

R  380